6/1 Mira street,
HMAO-Ugra, Surgut city
Accommodation service: ‎+7 (3462) 94-03-94
Accommodation service: +7 (3462) 35-49-70
Restaurant: +7 (3462) 35-49-87

Evening service

There is a special offer for lovers of healthy sleep that will provide you with a supply of  power, energy and good mood for the day ahead.
Evening Service is from 19:00 to 20:00.
This service includes the following:
• prepare bed for sleep
• replacement bath accessories and towels (if required)
• sweet compliment from the "Polaris" Restaurant
For your convenience and comfort we offer several types of pillows, different in forms and content, which can be ordered from the administrator from the "PILLOW MENU".
The “Polaris” Hotel cares about your deep and healthy sleep!