6/1 Mira street,
HMAO-Ugra, Surgut city
Accommodation service: ‎+7 (3462) 94-03-94
Accommodation service: +7 (3462) 35-49-70
Restaurant: +7 (3462) 35-49-87


Especially if you had to face a difficult day connected with the difficult business negotiations or signing an important business deal.
The hotel offers its guests the opportunity to surrender to the excitement of the fancy, intellectual game of Billiards and to disengage from everyday worries. The game will make business communication informal and help to resolve issues with partners and colleagues faster. Billiards can be played by the residents of Surgut. For them, Billiards will be available at agreed time. Billiard room has modern equipment that allows you to play comfortably. Billiard table of standard size, set of cues and the ivory balls are at players disposal. At the end of the party in the pool you can relax with a glass of wine and be inspired for the new game. The cost of one hour is 500 rubles.