6/1 Mira street,
HMAO-Ugra, Surgut city
Accommodation service: ‎+7 (3462) 94-03-94
Accommodation service: +7 (3462) 35-49-70
Restaurant: +7 (3462) 35-49-87


Especially if you had to face a difficult day connected with the difficult business negotiations or signing an important business deal.
There is a special offer for lovers of healthy sleep that will provide you with a supply of  power, energy and good mood for the day ahead.
What could be better than a сup of fragrant coffee or tea in a cozy atmosphere.
To save the valuable time of our guests, we also offer an express check out.
The key to successful negotiations is qualitative preparation to conduct them. The “Polaris” Hotel offers its guests and residents a meeting room designed to seat up to 12 people.
In our hotel there is an opportunity to use the computer room, which enables to cope with the necessary tasks.
In case if you want to look aesthetically and elegant at the same time, you can visit the hairdressing salon at the "Polaris" Hotel. Experienced hair stylists will help you to choose an individual image for any occasion, and professional cosmetic tools will add pleasant experience.
With care for the wardrobe of clients, the hotel offers laundry service which is available daily from 8:00 to 20:00. The professional staff will make your clothing fresh and clean, and the chemicals created by new technologies, is not harmful to the fabrics, it will complete quality work.

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